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Prayer Summit

Event Details

Date: February 7
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location: Sound Life Church
Address: Tacoma, WA


Event Contact Info

Name: Ellacia Creed
Email: [email protected]

The purpose of every Prayer Summit in our network is to give the first day of business each year to the Lord in prayer. The primary purpose of this year’s Prayer Summit is to intercede for our network, pastors, strategic partners, leaders and churches to experience the power of the Spirit, through personal and corporate obedience.


This year's Prayer Summit will be divided into four segments.

Part 1: He Leads Us

Part 2: He Helps Us

Part 3: He Works Through Us

Part 4: He Empowers Us


Let’s pray together that the Holy Spirit will help us experience the Spirit’s leading, the Spirit’s helping, the Spirit working through us and the Spirit empowering us.


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