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The Gospel is wired to redeem and saturate a neighborhood, a city, a culture

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Our DNA is to "do life together," which results in a new local church

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Living out the power of the Gospel while including those not yet following Jesus

We Multiply

Our model is Jesus, who invites us to join Him on our mission of making disciples


Zack Cash

Multiplication Director



Josh Hebert

Multiplication Facilitator



Kelsey Landis

Assistant to Church Multiplication


The Process

Process for Planting a Parent Affiliated Church (PAC)

1. Begin by identifying the Parent Church of the (PAC)

2.  Submit a Good Faith Agreement (GFA) to the Multiplication Administrative Assistant.

  • When a GFA is submitted, then a check for $2,500 will be sent to the Parent Church to cover the cost of registration fees for Launch training and to send the Parent Church pastor and planter to CMN Conference.

3. Submit the PAC Charter Form.

4. Create and submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the PAC Leader and the Parent Church. 

  • If the intent of the newly created PAC is to remain permanently under the direction of the Parent Church, and the PAC is being started under the Parent Church's own initiation, a MOU is not necessary, though highly recommended. Please communicate your intention to the NWMN Multiplication Department.

After these steps are completed, your PAC will be placed on the next Executive Presbytery (EP) agenda for approval. You will be notified of the outcome.

If your PAC's intention is to become a Stand-Alone Church, when you are ready to transition, please contact the Multiplication Department to begin the incorporation process. 

Click to view our Church Affiliation Guide and our PAC Incorporation Fact Sheet.

Process for Planting a Stand-Alone Church

1. Fill out and submit a Church Planter Application to Multiplication Support, Kelsey Landis.

2. Find a Parent Church that will partner with you as you launch your Stand-Alone Network Affiliated Church (NAC).

  • Reasons for a Parent Church:
    1. Planters are more successful with the support of a Parent Church
    2. A secure place to hold your funds until you become your own entity
    3. Best practice: begin as a PAC and transition to a NAC when you gain momentum.
  • Submit a Good Faith Agreement (GFA) to Multiplication Support.
    • Once a GFA is submitted, a check for $2,500 will be sent to the Parent Church to cover the cost of training and assessments for the Planter. The first $500 should be used to pay for registration to Launch training.
    • Make plans for the Church Planter (CP) and Team to attend Launch training.
  • Create and submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between yourself and the Parent Church.‚Äč If you have questions, please email Kelsey Landis.

After these steps are completed, your CP will be put on the next Executive Presbytery (EP) agenda for approval. The incorporation process will begin following approval. Multiplication Support will guide you through this.

Church Affiliation Guide

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