We are excited that you are taking the next step on your ministry journey by applying for a ministerial credential through the Northwest Ministry Network! Please review the educational requirements and proper motives for credentialing. If you are a non-English speaking applicant, or know someone who is, we have additional support through our process available.  


Lexie Mahaffey

Credentials Specialist


Getting Credentialed

Step 1: Pre-Application

Submit the Pre-Application Questionnaire to Lexie Mahaffey, the Credentials Specialist, at the Northwest Ministry Network via mail or email. After we review your credential pre-application, you will be contacted about your next steps in the credentialing application process. 


Don't proceed until pre-application approval.

Step 2: Application

Submit the Credential ApplicationSupporting Documents and Minister's Asessments to Lexie Mahaffey, the Credentials Specialist, at the Northwest Ministry Network via mail or email before one of our two yearly deadlines (June 1 or October 1) along with:

  • $150 Application Fee - pay by check or online

  • Educational Transcripts

  • Copy of your Social Security Card

  • Digital photo of applicant

If you or your spouse have experienced a divorce, please contact the Credentials Specialist prior to submitting an application. 

Review the Levels of Credentials


Please email the appropriate link below to all the references listed on your application. Once they click the link, they will be taken to an online web-form that will auto-email the reference to the Credentials Specialist, Lexie Mahaffey. Alternate versions of the reference forms can be obtained by request to the Credentials Specialist for those who prefer a paper version (versus online). 

Reference Forms


Step 3: Exam

Once the application and supporting documents are received, you will be emailed with the details for your exam, including study guides to help you prepare for the exam (the first week of August or November).

Step 4: Interview

After you have successfully completed the exam, your Regional Leader will contact you to arrange an interview date (sometime in September or January).

Step 5: Approval

Following your interview, the Regional and Area Leaders will vote to make a recommendation for your credential. Upon recommendation, your application will be sent to the General Council office for final approval. You can expect to receive your offical credential card and welcome packet in the mail within 4-8 weeks once the General Council has approved your credential. You will also receive an invitation to the New Minister's Connection, a mandatory orientation for newly credentialed ministers that is held annually in conjunction with our Network Conference. 

Upgrade Credential

Take your Ministry to a New Level

Upgrading your credential is a great way to sharpen your skill set through ongoing education while moving toward the biblical precedent for ordination. If you've ever wondered why you should get ordained, click here for a brief explanation. The details for upgrading your credential are below:



Submit the Upgrade to License Application OR Upgrade to Ordination Application. Submit application along with the Supporting Documents (mail or email) to Lexie Mahaffey, Credentials Specialist along with:

  • $50 application fee (online or check) - for those upgrading to License level credentials only. For those upgrading to Ordination,
    the application fee is waived. 

  • Copy of your social security card 

  • Digital photo of applicant

(Application deadlines are June 1 and October 1 each year)



For those upgrading to license, three AG minister references (if applying at the license level, one must include your senior pastor), three friend references, and two employer references are needed. For those upgrading to ordination, four ordained AG minister references are needed. Please email those on your application the corresponding links below. Their completed forms will be directly emailed to Lexie Mahaffey, Credentials Specialist.

Reference Forms 



For licensing candidates only. Exam no longer required for those upgrading to ordination.

Once the application is received and reviewed, you will be emailed the details for your exam, including study guides to help you prepare (in August or November).


After the exam is complete, your Regional Leader will contact you to schedule your interview (in September or January).


The Regional and Area Leaders will meet and vote on your application. If approved, your application is sent to the General Council office for final approval. For license level applicants, it can take up to 8 weeks for your official fellowship card to be mailed to you. For ordination applicants, you will receive your fellowship card at the ordination service during Network Conference in April. 

Renew Credential

Annual Credential Renewal

December 31 Deadline 

Our credential renewal season begins annually on November 1. The General Council of the Assemblies of God requires all ministers to renew their credentials every year. Since we are a cooperative fellowship, this is how they know you still want to be a part of the fellowship and so your timely response in November is necessary.

Renewing your credentials is a THREE-step process:

  1. Submit Annual Dues to General Council
  2. Submit the Online Renewal Form
  3. Submit Tithes to NWMN

Watch this video for quick instructions or read our Renewal FAQ.

Reinstate your Credential

Applicants who desire to reinstate a ministerial credential must submit the following documents along with a $100 reinstatement fee ($50 payable to the NWMN and $50 payable to General Council):


Reinstatement Guidelines

  • If a minister reintates within the first three months of the calendar year after lapsing, General Council dues from the previous year must be fullfilled.

  • If a credential has lapsed for two years or more, an interview is required and References from 4 Ordained Minister's will need to be submitted with the application and supporting documents. 

  • If a credential has lapsed for over seven years, the exam is required.

  • If the credential lapsed or was resigned in a District other than the Northwest Ministry Network, a letter of good standing from the previous District should be submitted with the reinstatement application.

Transfer Credential

Ministers Transferring OUT of the Northwest Ministry Network

When a Northwest Ministry Network minister establishes residence in another District, the minister should notify the Secretary-Treasurer's office by completing the form below. Once the form is submitted, we will process your information and transfer your credential.

Information Needed to Transfer Form

Ministers Transferring INTO the Northwest Ministry Network

Ministers transferring into the Northwest Ministry Network from another District are to request a transfer from their former District within 60 days of taking up residence in Washington State or North Idaho. It is the responsibility of the former District to complete the transfer to the Northwest Ministry Network. We will notify the minister when the transfer is complete.

MBA/Educational Debt Support


All NWMN credentialed ministers are encouraged to enroll in the Ministers Benefit Association (MBA) or similar minister's tax-sheltered retirement program. 

Each month, the NWMN will deposit an amount equal to 20% of each minister's tithe received by the NWMN to each minister's MBA account. 

  • Participation in the NWMN retirement program is voluntary as members may choose for reasons of personal conviction not to participate in the program. (If you do not open an MBA account, an amount, equal to 20% of each minister's tithes will be designated for Compassion purposes in the NWMN.)

  • The NWMN has no obligation to make contributions to or for the benefit of any minister who has not established an MBA account or who has signed an exemption request, thereby, waiving their right to be included in the NWMN's Retirement Program.

  • MBA offers fatih-based mutual funds that have been screened for abortion, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

  • MBA allows individuals to pay taxes on contributions today and receive distributions at retirement, tax free.

Download the enrollment form, complete it, and mail it directly to AG Financial to start the process.

Educational Debt Support Program

The EDSP is for any newly credentialed NWMN minister with a one year window of opportunity to begin participation.

  • Participants can be a part of the scholarship program from the date of enrollment up to a maximum of six consecutive years. 

  • EDSP assists in helping you repay your student loans by redirecting your NWMN MBA retirement account contribution (an amount equal to 20% of your minister's tithe received by the NWMN) to the lending institution specified for repayment of your student loan. Payments are processed monthly and made payable to your lending institution. 

  • You can notifiy the NWMN office in writing at any time to have the contribution redirected to the MBA program. At that time you must have an MBA account. Once you end participation in the EDSP, you may not reenter the program.  

  • To qualify you must be a first-time credential holder, have verifiable outstanding debt from a financial institution (not credit card, or other related consumer debt), that was incurred in payment for the prepatory ministerial education (graduate or undergraduate) leading to an Assemblies of God credential.

Download the application, complete it and email to Aimee Hohag. You will be notified via email of your qualification.


Already participating in EDSP?

We need your help in confirming we have the correct information on file for your financial institution as we transition to mailing EDSP checks directly to financial institutions starting with checks issued in October 2021. Please complete the form below. If you have any questions please click here.


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