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Personal Leadership Coaching helps you and your team to connect (or reconnect!) with your calling and mission, navigate crucial conversations, discover clarity in decision making, and redefine identity and action during transitions. Coaching is an intentional conversation that propels great ideas into real action.


Amy deVries

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Kim Wigestrand

Executive Assistant to Don Detrick
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Coaching for New Ministers

Have you received your ministry credentials with the Northwest Ministry Network within the past 12 months?

You might be a recent ministry graduate or a seasoned minister with years of experience under your belt... or both! Whatever your background, we believe that God has you on this credentialing journey for a purpose and we want to affirm and support you in this calling.

One way that we would like to partner with you as you move forward with your ministry is to invite you to complete six sessions of coaching with a trained Personal Leadership Coach. The NWMN will pay the full cost for these coaching sessions.

Your coach will travel beside you as a thinking partner - helping you uncover and implement your best ideas as you move forward.

The first few months of credentialed ministry are a crucial time and the NWMN is strategically investing in our newly credentialed ministers from the beginning. Each newly credentialed minister is invited to select a coach. You will meet with your coach twice a month, usually by phone for about an hour. You will bring a topic from your life or ministry and your coach will actively listen, ask powerful questions, and give honest feedback in order to help you focus, gain clarity, and achieve momentum.


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Upcoming Trainings


If you are in need of the pre-requisite CAM 501 class, click here for an online class beginning October 18.


Establishing Dynamic Relationships

November 1 & 2

CAM 502

$200 AG Ministers   |   $300 General Public

What does it take to develop a strong professional coaching relationship?  It takes attention to the essentials and going beyond expectations.  In CAM 502, you learn to do just that.  In this ICF-approved course, you will learn: ICF ethics and standards, how to help your coachee to orient around areas of strengths and high performance patterns, the ingredients for a strong first session, and how to go beyond just the doing of coaching in order to really be a coach. CAM 502 is an essential class for every coach — whether your aim is a professional coaching practice or to establish coaching relationships within your ministry or professional role.

NOTE: CAM 501 is a pre-requisite for this class. Click here for an online CAM 501 class beginning October 18.

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The Coach Approach to Leading and Managing

November 3 & 4

CAM 510

$200 AG Ministers   |   $300 General Public

You know how to coach and you know how to lead, but how do you incorporate coaching into your leadership? This course provides the knowledge and skill necessary for taking a coach approach to working with teams, managing direct reports and volunteers, and leading within a church or other organization.

NOTE: CAM 501 is a pre-requisite for this class. Click here for an online CAM 501 class beginning October 18.

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