Northwest Missions

Our Purpose

To strengthen and empower Network Affiliated (fomerly Home Missions) churches, ministries, and leaders through:

Providing Leadership to Network Affiliated Churches

  • Assisting Network Affiliated churches in developing a sovereignty plan to include development of leaders, development of members, and development of stewardship/finances.
  • Assisting pastors and churches with short term grants to help with emergencies and building repairs and construction.
  • Assisting General Council Affiliated Churches to temporarily transition to Network Affiliation as necessary when undergoing Northwest Ministry Network intervention.

Networking with Intercultural Ministries

  • The Intercultural Facilitator is appointed by the Northwest Missions Director and the Network Superintendent to help ethnic and language groups/pastors overcome language barriers, credentialing and financial issues.
  • He or she will be directly responsible to the Northwest Missions Director.

Networking with Chaplains

  • The Northwest Missions Department networks with area chaplains, including but not limited to military, hospital, law enforcement, airport, prison, motorcycle and Civil Air Patrol.

Networking with Chi Alpha Ministries

  • The Northwest Missions Department works closely with Chi Alpha directors in the Northwest Ministry Network.

Networking with Teen Challenge

  • The Northwest Missions Department will network with Northwest Teen Challenge centers and with the National Assemblies of God U.S. Missions Department for efficiency, development, and growth.

Minute Man

Mission & Vision

Minute Man is a program that is facilitated by the Northwest Ministry Network for the benefit of NWMN churches with average attendance of under 125 and other recognized NW Missions Ministries.

The vision is to remove the structural obsticles these churches face when ministering to their community by helping them build larger facilities or update and repair older facilities. 

The scope of the program is limited to costs associated with ministry facilities, such as new construction, property purchase, remodeling, and significant repairs and/or building maintenance.


Up to three times per year an appeal letter is sent from the NWMN office to our Churches, Ministers and Minute Man Members to assist with approved projects. 


For a project to be considered, submit a completed Minute Man Application (downloadable application is found below).
The NW Missions Leadership Team will consider applications twice a year.  If a submitted project is approved,  funds will be available following the letter appeal.  Funds reimbursed as the project work is completed for a period of one year.


Thank you to our generous Northwest Ministry Network Churches, Ministers and Minute Man Members who have assisted our Northwest Missions Ministries with approximately $6,000 per appeal.


Our Current Project

The current Minute Man project is in Hunters, WA at Columbia Heights Assembly of God with Pastors Ben and Elaine Tolson. Columbia Heights opened in 1971 under Pastor Don Bowe. Yakima Stone Church sent a team out to help start building. Soon, a vibrant church was reaching families for miles around. Current Pastors Ben & Elaine Tolson have served since January of 2008. They came in to fill in for a "few weeks" and quickly developed a connection with the congregation. Under new leadership, relationships with many that had left the church were restored and new families were reached. People faithfully come from as far as 50 miles away to attend. The church is also active in supporting missionaries as well as local ministries too.

The church has faced challenges over the years. In 2015, the Carpenter Complex fire threatened the church structure and impacted several families from the church; and in 2018, a rapid spring snow melt caused the basement to flood. Through all the challenges though, they have never lost sight of the purpose of loving people and reaching them for Jesus.

David and Colleen are Army; along with their children Rachel, Sarah, and Micaiah, they started attending in 2017 after moving back to the area to restart David's historic family farm. David began helping with worship and Colleen assisted around the church. Soon, God's calling on David's life became evident and Ben approached David about it, to which David acknowledged that God had been speaking to him about ministry. He began ministry classes in pursuit of his credentials! David is one example of God continuing to move in the lives of those in the community.

The current structural challenge came in the fall of 2019 when the church's insurance company said the original roof was too old and that coverage would be dropped. The subsequent inspection revealed that significant structural updates were also needed to meet building codes. Estimates for the roof came in around $52,000. The church contacted a roofer from Enumclaw, WA, who often visited the church when vacationing in the area and he offered to do the project at a significant discount - $33,000!

This amount is still beyond what they church is financially able to undertake though. We are reaching out to our church family across the Network asking for help to keep this important rural ministry running in a safe and welcoming building for their community.


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Network Affiliated Monthly Report

Each month we ask Network Affiliated Churches to complete your Monthly Report and e-mail a copy to Erin Kruger at the Northwest Ministry Network, your NW Missions Area Leader, and your presbyter.

If you dont have e-mail access you can print and mail the form to the NWMN Office c/o Erin Kruger.

Download Monthly Report Form

Contact us

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