The Network Medal of Honor (NMH) honors Assemblies of God credentialed ministers and local Assemblies of God church members (contemporaneously and historically) who have significantly contributed to the vitality and health of their church, community, and the Northwest Ministry Network.

The honor is nomination-based and conveyed at the discretion of the Network Leader. 


Member in good standing for at least five years (Network / Local Church)

Nominees shall possess a vibrant Christian faith and witness of good character and integrity, consistent with their testimony within their community and vocation.

The nominee shall have distinguished themselves by being involved in continuous meritorious service and involvement in a local Assemblies of God church with the endorsement of the Lead Pastor if a local church member (non-clergy).


The nominees will have distinguished themselves by some act or acts recognized by a professional group, national, state, community organization, or local church. Such actions and recognition should reflect alignment with the core values and mission of the NW Ministry Network and the local church, such as outreach, service, compassion, kindness, courage, justice, or ethical business principles and practices that exemplify bringing the hope of Jesus to our communities.



Nominations must be submitted by year-end to be considered for the upcoming Network Conference.

Nominations will remain viable and may require additional follow-up to confirm eligibility when considered for future Network Conferences.

There will be no communication about a nominee's status.

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