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Event Details

Date: Cohort Begins March - Trip Takes Place in October
Location: Spain & Morocco


Event Contact Info

Name: Krystal Wornell
Phone: 425-888-4800
Email: [email protected]

WHAT:  Missions Paradigm Journey. This is a six-month journey with your team members who will engage in a cohort to cultivate a healthy Pentecostal Missiology and Church Missions Strategy in their churches. We will complete this cohort by visiting and observing missionaries on the field.


WHY: To enrich the local church’s Pentecostal Missiology and Mission Strategy through personal study, group discussions with other pastors and missionaries, and direct mission field experiences.  


WHERE: The trip will take place in Spain and Morocco


WHEN: The 2024 Cohort begins in March and is completed with the Paradigm Trip in October.


WHO: 10 spots available for the cohort and trip. (Ministry spouses are welcome to go on the trip.)


COST: $3,000 per person ($6,000 per couple)


Missions Paradigm Journey Discounted Price: $1,500 for lead pastors whose churches commit to supporting two new missionaries at least $50 a month beginning Network Conference 2024. (Discounted price does not apply for ministry spouses.)


CONTACT: If you are interested in Missions Paradigm Journey, contact Krystal Wornell.

35131 SE Douglas St., Suite 200, Snoqualmie, WA 98065
o: (425) 888-4800        |       f: (425) 888-4848