Northwest Women’s Conference 2023

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Cut-off Date: February 23, 2023

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Cynthia Gandhi Dobbs was born in Tamil Nadu, India – a full twelve time-zones away from her current home in Oklahoma. She shares from an understanding and reliance on the Lord forged through her unique experiences. Her story of loss, difficulty, and redemption prepared her for a life of ministry to students around the world.

After finishing high-school in New Delhi, Cynthia attended college in New York City where she accompanied her father, an Indian Diplomat, on a four-year assignment to the United Nations. As an undergrad she helped pioneer Chi Alpha chapters on multiple NYC campuses. Later, in graduate school, the Lord began to open opportunities to write and speak, and to resource Bible Study leaders. She was ABD (all-but dissertation) in a PhD program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology when she answered the call to full-time ministry with Chi Alpha.

Cynthia now serves both on staff with Tulsa Chi Alpha, and as part of the National Chi Alpha Ministry Team as the Cross Cultural Missions Resource Specialist. She provides training in areas of Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Disciplines, Discipleship, crossing cultures with the Gospel and Leadership. Cynthia is an award winning author with Guideposts magazine, having penned numerous devotional and ministry resources, perhaps most notably, Ramen Noodles for the Collegiate Soul. She is currently a writer for The Bible Engagement Project.

Christi was born in Lima Peru. In 1981 her father Roberto was challenged by a minister to leave his country and come to the United States, where the Hispanic population was growing exponentially and much of that population remained unreached. God opened the doors in 1996 for the family to travel to the state of Washington and embark in missionary work. When Christi heard the term missionary, she knew that God had not only called her father but that her entire family were called as missionaries to the United States.

In September of 1996, Centro de Vida Familiar was born, and this is the moment Christi felt a strong call from the Holy Spirit to minister to the Hispanic Youth who faced challenges of identity, acceptance, and purpose. God began to open doors for her to minister to the youth and their families as they tackled barriers, and pain. These challenges were not foreign to Christi since she experienced them as well. It was in her own journey of pain and fear that she found comfort in God through the local Church. It was there where God met her, showed her who she was, and who she was called to be.

In 2021 Christi transitioned to lead pastor at Centro de Vida Familiar. Centro de Vida is a multicultural Church, reaching hundreds of Hispanic/Latino families and multiethnic families, who are finding God and themselves in Christ Jesus through the local Church. Christi is married to Brian Villarias and has two children, Eliana (5) and Ezra (4).

Workshop Descriptions



With Angela Howard
Are you facing disappointment—that struggle with what is and what you hoped it would be? Whether it's in your relationships, your careers, your dreams, or with God, disappointment impacts our lives and our sense of hope for the future. The disciples experienced the same emotions while holding the tension between hope and disappointment, and you can too!
With Dr. Beth Backes
Do you ever wrestle with the many questions that often accompany your call to ministry? You are in good company along with Mary, Moses…and me. Join the conversation as we grapple with the deeper issues of what living out our calling looks like in the real world. Together we will discover the myth of the confident leader and how to navigate obstacles every woman in ministry encounters. When we embrace God-given affirmation, it will lead to Spirit-filled activation of our ministry gifts.
With Ruth Graham
Loss and its grief can leave us feeling lonely and unheard. Whether you have experienced a loss or are wondering how to help others with their loss, this workshop is for you. All of us have experienced or will experience loss at some point in our life. Some losses are greater than others, but all loss affects us in ways that are similar. We see from Jesus's example when he wept over Lazarus, that loss is emotional and hard to manage. This workshop is designed to help understand the emotions of grief and ways to navigate it well. We will focus on grief and loss types, symptoms, tools and helps. We will learn how to walk with others through grief.
With Emily Roth
Not everyone is an extrovert or has a degree in theology. Thankfully, sharing your faith doesn’t require either of those. It’s as simple as saying hello to people you see every day.
With Tiffany Jones
This workshop will focus on how Christians can respond to challenging issues with the gospel as we encounter them in our life, family, work, school, society, etc. Examining how to develop a solid theology of sexuality, singleness, and marriage. With a focus on God’s design for marriage, identity, and sexuality. We will discuss how to address questions when they arise, and learn to be intentional in our posture and approach when interacting with those in our life, both inside and outside the LGBT+ community.
With Rachel Hopkins
There are times in this life where we feel alone. It’s so easy to seclude ourselves into that feeling of loneliness. But loneliness is not what He has for us! He has given us the gift of rich community. In this workshop we will unpack “The Table of Community” together. He has intentionally called each one of us to this table. I am so expectant for what God is going to reveal through our time together.


With Debbie Cole
Each season of parenting comes with “high-five” moments and “lay on the ground and cry” moments. Maybe you have read every book, listened to numerous podcasts, and prayed till you have no more words but still feel unqualified and shaken as a parent. I want to share hope with you. It isn’t about being strong or striving to be the best. It is about accepting His unconditional love as you parent and then giving that same love to your children from their birth through adulthood. You can do this!
With Marjorie Campbell
We live in a fast-paced world where things and people are demanding our time and attention every day. With many voices telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, how do we make sure we are listening to the most important voice? Let’s learn together how we can lean in and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. He will never lead you astray, as you lean in and listen to His whisper.
With Angela Howard
It's staggering to realize that 50% of adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Whether it's you or someone you love you need guidance in how to understand mental health and the connection it has to your spiritual health. You are each created in God's image and he understands your feelings, your struggles, and your needs. There is hope for healing and wholeness as you learn to care for yourself holistically.
With Cyndi Pollard
Followers have been underestimated for decades, however, to be a good leader, you must first be a great follower. Of the 4 amazing qualities of followers (see below), which are you? They manage themselves well. They are committed to the organization and to a purpose, principle, or person outside themselves. They build their competence and focus their efforts for maximum impact. They are courageous, honest, and credible. John 8:12, "“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”
With Emily Roth
Not all God-calls are fulfilled in the 4 walls of the church. From authors to painters to graphic designers, from singers to entrepreneurs, your creativity was given for a purpose. Come learn what it means to follow the creative call.
With Stephanie Smith
Have a weighty decision to make? Wondering how to discern what is next or even best? Seeking direction? In this workshop, we will examine three ways we hear from God during these times, and we'll discover how God leads us individually or corporately. You’ll walk away with practical tools to lean into and utilize again and again. Plus, a lot of encouragement!

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