We can't wait to have you join us for Summer Camp 2022! Find all of the information you need to get your youth pastors, leaders, and students to camp right here!

Please read the entirety of this webpage to be prepared for leading camp. Video tutorials are also available here.



Group Ratios

Church groups must maintain an 8:1 student:leader ratio for the size of their group. Churches that cannot supply an adequate number of leaders may be asked to remove attendees from their group or risk their group being split across multiple cabins.


All registration deadlines are final and will not be moved, except in case of crisis or emergency. Contact Ashlee to determine if your situation qualifies as such. Registration applications must be completed in full (including Brushfire form, Docusign waiver, and Leader Reference Form (cabin staff only), and payment in order to be considered “complete”. Incomplete registrations after the cut-off date are subject to rejection.

Camp Prices

Early Leader Early Student Standard Leader and Student
$195 $275 $325

*Additional leaders beyond the 8:1 student:leader ratio (regardless of early registration) will be full priced


Camp Dates & Deadlines

Camp Date Location Early Leader Student
West 1 6/29-7/3 Lake Retreat June 8 June 19 June 24
West 2 Camp Coordinator Registration Closed 7/5-7/9 Lake Retreat June 14 June 25 June 30
JR High 7/9-7/13 Silver Lake June 18 June 29 July 3
East 1 Camp Coordinator Registration Closed 7/13-7/17 Silver Lake June 22 July 3 July 8
SR High 7/17-7/21 Silver Lake June 26 July 7 July 12
East 2 Camp Coordinator Registration Closed 7/21-7/25 Silver Lake June 30 July 11 July 16

** Please note that these costs do not include expenses specific to your youth ministry (i.e. transportation, travel food, etc.)


How to Camp

1. Promote Youth Camp.
Share the posters, videos, and other stuff to tell parents about our vision to see youths' lives changed at camp. Families will feed off of your excitment, so be sure to remind them how awesome Youth Camp is! We want to help you promote camp so we have included a bunch of art for you. Mix it up, put your ministry name on it, whatever! We want you to promote Youth Camp in the best way possible. If there is a file or variation of a graphic missing that you need, just let us know! We'll make it happen for you!

2. Register your campers!
It is your job to help kids get to camp. Our camp prices and deadlines are listed on the Registration Deadlines and Pricing page. Make sure to add any transportation costs or administrative fees to the price that you advertise. Register as Camp Coordinator for your church. Brushfire will send you a direct link for parents to follow to register their students as part of your church group. This will be the only way to register for camps. It is very important that all students and leaders be registered online by the final deadline. No on-site registration will be available.

3. Recruit your cabin staff.
Every church is responsible to recruit their own Cabin Staff. You need men for boys and women for girls. The ratio is 8:1 (i.e. If you have 9 girls and 3 boys, you need 2 female Cabin Staff and 1 male Cabin Staff). Have your Cabin Staff register for camp using your church's registration link. 
Remember that:

  • Cabin Staff must be at least 18 years old 
  • Everyone must agree to and pass a background check 
  • Each Cabin Staff must have a completed Church Reference Form before the registration deadline


4. Submit Payment 
Payment is due in TWO PORTIONS. Invoices for early registration will be sent out the day after early registration closes and are due within 10 days of receipt. A second invoice will be sent after registration closes a week before camp. Pay for the entirety of your group before camp. Your registration will not be considered complete until payment has been submitted. You can pay online via credit card (plus 3% processing fee) or by sending a check. If paying by check, make payable to "Northwest Ministry Network" or "NWMN" and indicate "Youth Camp ______" (COMBO WEST 1, JR HIGH, etc.) in the memo line. You can request payment early at any point if you’re group is completely registered before the deadline.

Mail checks to:

Northwest Ministry Network
Attn: Ashlee Beers/Youth Camp _______ (Name camp you're attending I.E. COMBO EAST 1 or JR HIGH CAMP or COMBO WEST 2)
35131 SE Douglas St., Suite 200
Snoqualmie, WA 98065


5. Keep track of registrations and follow up with parents and leaders to make sure every part of the registration is complete. 

You can see the status of waivers as PENDING or SIGNED on your camp coordinator brushfire login. Each student needs to register on Brushfire, have a signed Docusign waiver, and have a med sheet printed with medicine in original packing. Leaders need to register on Brushfire, have a signed Docusign waiver, and have a leader reference form submitted on their behalf. We will process background checks. 


6. Get ready, get your friends, get here!



What TO bring:

  • Bible
  • Bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, blankets)
  • Journal, pen/pencil
  • Comfortable clothes 
  • Warm jacket and/or sweater
  • Several changes of underclothes
  • Camp appropriate swimsuit*
  • Appropriate shoes (tennis shoes, shower sandals, etc.)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries (Soap, tooth brush & paste, etc.)
  • Insect repellent/Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Medications in original prescription bottle in Ziplock bag

*Camper will wear modest clothing at all times, including water activities. Revealing attire or swimwear will not be permitted. A dark colored t-shirt will be required to be worn over any swimwear deemed immodest by Camp Leadership.*


Cabin Staff Optional TO Bring:

  • Twin sheet to cover your mattress
  • Power strips for your cabin
  • Extra-large garbage sacks
  • Extra towels
  • A box fan
  • Bottled water
  • Cabin decorations
  • Cards for your campers
  • Bluetooth speaker for your cabin


What NOT to bring:

  • Fireworks
  • Illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco or vaping products, matches, knives, weapons, or other items of dangerous or harmful nature
  • We discourage you from bringing electronics that are easily damaged or stolen or a distraction to you or other campers
  • Pets
  • Game consoles



  • Church Leadership Reference Form

  • Camp Promo Graphics

  • Medical Form

  • Video Tutorials

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