NWYmissions isn't a project or idea.

It is a commitment that we have to empower students to: Live, Give & Go on God’s Mission.

We're excited to see what will happen when students live with a passion for God’s Mission to restore and redeem a broken world.  We’re passionate about reaching the 768,000 students in Washington and Northern Idaho with the HOPE of the gospel by living out God’s mission at home. But we know that the heart of God is not only for these, but for the 7 Billion people on planet earth.  By partnering with Missionaries around the world in providing tools for essential transportation, creative communication and compassionate demonstration we are seeing God’s mission lived out here at home, and around the world.  This is NWYmissions.



Speed the Light

This is an Unconventional generation that God has placed in this Unconventional time to come together as a movement that will ignite our world for the things of God. Generosity is not about an amount, it's about a response. Because of God's generosity towards us we can open our hearts to be generous to others. NW Youth and Speed the Light partner with missionaries to support their movement and mission to spread the gospel.

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NWY Mission Trips

NW Youth is headed to Costa Rica in 2024!

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I Have Decided

A Somali Story | "I am a Somali Christian, a contradiction." One Muslim woman's journey of faith that challenges her ideas about what it means to be a Christian, and drives her to a decision that could cost her everything. Based on a true story.

Speed the Light Resources

Somalia Prayer Guide

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